It’s time to enjoy your IT garden with risual Managed Services

In the UK, there has been a rather strange simultaneous uptake and downturn in gardening. Across the UK, some are saying that young people and professionals are gardening more than ever, according to articles in The Telegraph and The Guardian. Others are saying that gardening has no interest at all to those under 35, and […]

Strength in depth is vital to IT success

An IT department is like any other team, it’s greater than the sum of its parts. There are key members of the team, who have skills others rely on, or have been there long enough to be regarded as the living encyclopaedia of the entire infrastructure. All good IT managers know that to keep achieving […]

Moving to the cloud.. Where do I start?

Everyone goes on about the cloud and how you need to hurry up and move… but what a lot of organisations struggle to understand is what to move and how to move it? Companies usually do not have the resources internally to assess their estate of applications and do not have the technical ability to […]

What is DevOps? And is your organisation ready?

Like cloud a few years ago and then big data, DevOps is one of the buzzwords of the moment. So what does it actually mean? And is there more to it than hype? There are many definitions but most people will agree that, at its core, DevOps is about closer working between development and operations […]

risual have pushed the boundaries to give back!

Over the past years risual have gone above and beyond in the interest of helping out others, doing our bit wherever we can- whether it be raising money, donating or lending a helping hand . However this year alone risual have reached a benchmark in all the work we do with charities – The total […]

The demand grows for Managed Services within the local government

Local government organisations are forever under tremendous pressure to keep up with the rising demand for public services, becoming ever more challenging with the current economic climate. Councils and districts are searching for new and innovative ways to mobilise their workforce, drive collaboration and improve access to services. But is this doable whilst keeping costs […]

Shared services is recieving growing attention within the public sector

The definition of ‘ shared services’  can be described as  “the shared provision by more than one local council of a specified service in which aims and objectives are mutually shared and for which local people are the end customers.”. Shared services can be interpreted as many different things, however traditionally it can be seen […]

The legal industry is becoming more productive with Office365

Today the legal sector faces many challenges. Business professionals within this industry need to ensure their data and documents are secure, yet have the ability to be shared effortlessly with colleagues and customers.  For many organisations this can become a difficult task to achieve, as such technology solutions cannot meet these individual needs, or come […]

Devolution, Devolution, Devolution

The buzz word on the lips of local authorities, associated organisations, politicians and the media alike is one word – Devolution. Whilst this will be new to England, it is of course nothing new to the UK; Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales have all had varying devolved powers for over 10 years.  Taking Labour’s experiment […]

Why CRM is right for retail

The retail sector includes all the shops that sell goods to the customer. In 2014, consumers in the UK spent around £378 billion in retail (House of Commons library- BRIEFING PAPER  Number 06186, 2 October 2015), a figure that has been steadily rising for a number of years. However, this sector has become under serious […]

There can be an App for everything

Recently I worked with one of my manufacturing customers to create a bespoke application, which was really exciting as it is not something that we have always offered but realised there was a real demand for. This gave us an opportunity to create something unique from the ground up and allowed us to work with […]

Why Microsoft customers don’t need to worry about EU-US Safe Harbour/Harbor

When European Courts judged the 15-year-old EU-US Safe Harbour/Harbor treaty to be invalid last October, Internet news sites started to report how terrible this was for EU companies placing data into cloud services offered (mostly) by American companies. For some, that may be true, but that assumes Safe Harbour is the only protection in place. […]

How to measure the success of a Direct Access deployment

We’ve recently finished delivering an Agile Working project for a local NHS District Care Trust, which has enabled their mobile workers to ditch the old conventional VPN solution and replace it with Direct Access. The previous product was not scalable, was unstable and also confused many of the users, most of whom are health professionals […]

A new buzz-phrase – The Adaptive Organisation

As we know, economics is the driving force behind the flexibility and simplicity provided by the Microsoft Cloud, but how can organisations truly benefit from the concept of cloud computing? In my previous blog, I talked about not having to re-invent the wheel when it comes to the Microsoft Cloud and in some respects, this […]

Do you have to re-invent the wheel when delivering cloud technology?

I had an interesting conversation the other day with a former colleague of mine, whose organisation is looking to move into the Cloud yet is facing some staunch resistance within IT itself. I think everyone will agree, the maturity and economics of cloud computing are compelling, so from a business perspective it makes absolute sense. […]

Installing the Skype for Business Client

First and foremost – RIP Lync 🙁 For those that have missed it, Microsoft has now released the Skype for Business client, KB2889923. Although the Skype for Business Server 2015 server components haven’t been released yet, we can still use the new clients against Lync Server 2010 or 2013. In this post, I will be running through […]

Giving you all the answers on Skype for Business!

Let’s face it, we all loved Lync. Just being able to send a quick instant message about your weekend to your colleagues whilst popping in a few cheeky emoji’s cheered us up and kept us going through the stressful days. But now Skype for Business is finally on our doorstep and a storm of change […]

How can you empower your workforce with Microsoft Office 365?

We are now living in a mobile world where devices outnumber people. To be productive when you’re on the go, you need access to the data and applications that allow you to be effective while untethered from your workspace or home. Office 365 provides a mobile-first, cloud-first strategy, which provides customers with the services, applications and data […]

Skype for Business, are you ready?

Skype for Business, are you ready?  In March, the next version of Lync became Skype for Business with a new client experience, new server release, and updates to the service in Office 365. Skype for Business will take advantage of the strengths of Skype and Lync, combining the experience you love with security you trust. With […]

Skype for Busines has arrived!

So, as many of you will know today Microsoft’s Skype for business was officially launched. With that in mind we have decided to run a webcast on the 24th of March which just explains the changes and the capabilities of Skype for Business. We have brought together some of our UC specialists who have already had […]

Achieving IT success through accelerated procurement

Leading the way with G-Cloud 6 Nearly three years ago a revolution took place in government; a framework built on openness and transparency has enabled clearer, faster and simpler transparent procurement for IT and technology. The G-Cloud framework enables the public sector to combine efficiency savings and improved productivity with 21st Century, agile and fit for […]

What challenges do today’s modern workforce face?

Today’s workforce faces ever increasing demands on productivity, often within tight timeframes and with the added complication of information and technology overload. What challenges do today’s modern workforce face? Users work within with various unconnected applications, navigating multiple windows and different interfaces. Files are moved from one location to another, dependent on each activity, ultimately […]

Business Intelligence – Predictive Analytics

Machine learning traditionally requires complex software, serious hardware and seasoned data scientists who understand it all. Microsoft’s Azure Machine Learning makes it easy for everyone to start mining data for predictions. In this webcast we’ll be reviewing what machine learning is and what Azure Machine Learning can do. We’ll walk through a live demo showing […]

SharePoint vs. Yammer webcast

We will be hosting a SharePoint vs. Yammer webcast on Friday the 21st November from 10 – 11am. In this webcast we will fill in the gaps on how to make the most of Microsoft’s social collaboration features both in Yammer and SharePoint. We will provide context in respect to SharePoint’s history and Microsoft’s future […]

SharePoint all up webcast

Heard of SharePoint and want to know more? or have SharePoint and want to get the best out of it? In this webcast risual will outline the core concepts and capabilities of SharePoint 2013, helping you understand how the latest release of this powerful and versatile application can benefit your organisation. We will provide context […]

Lync in Colleges webcast

Hear about two colleges who saved communication costs whilst increasing collaboration and productivity. Join us, alongside Microsoft and North Hertfordshire College, for our Lync in Education webcast. In this webcast we will demonstrate why Lync and Lync voice is a compelling solution for Further Education and demonstrate business benefits whilst empowering both students and employees. […]

Building on SharePoint: SharePoint cloud service

Considering a new SharePoint 2013 deployment, or thinking about migrating an existing environment to the cloud? In this webcast risual will outline the key considerations, benefits and potential compromises associated with a SharePoint Online deployment, helping you understand whether a Microsoft hosted SharePoint solution would be suited to your organisation’s needs. We will provide context […]

Delivering self-service Business Intelligence for Office 365 webcast

Delivering self-service Business Intelligence for Office 365 Following on from our Introduction to Microsoft Business Intelligence this web cast will take a closer look at a hybrid Business Intelligence (BI) environment using Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint Online, Power BI, Microsoft Azure and on-premises data sources. Excel and Power BI for Office 365 deliver a complete […]

The future of business starts today

Microsoft’s Future Decoded event brings together some of the world’s most influential thinkers to explore the political, social and economic changes that will shape business in the 21st century. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella will provide the Opening Keynote at Future Decoded. Speaking in the UK for the first time as CEO of Microsoft, he’ll be outlining […]

Notes from the SharePoint conference, what did we learn? Webcast

risual attended the SharePoint Conference 2014 held in Las Vegas in March. Sign up to our webcast to get the ins and outs of the what happened in Vegas. If you are currently using SharePoint and want to know what new and improved features were announced at the SharePoint Conference. We will provide context in […]

An Introduction to Business Intelligence webcast

Businesses generate huge amounts of data every day. More and more businesses are seeing this data as a valuable asset which they can exploit. This is where Microsoft Business Intelligence comes in; providing a wide range of tools to help you get the most out of your data. In this webcast we’ll be introducing Microsoft […]

New Further Education Case Study

Find out how North Hertfordshire College reduced costs and easily deployed Microsoft Lync by downloading our case study: If you are interested in finding out more, will be hosting a webcast on the 30th July alongside Microsoft and NHC to explain the full benefits of Lync in Further Education. To register please use the […]

Building on SharePoint: Socially SharePoint

  Building on SharePoint: Socially SharePoint The final webcast in our four part webcast series took place on Friday 6th June 2014. In this webcast we will filled in the gaps on how to make the most of Microsoft’s social collaboration features both in Yammer and SharePoint. If you would like a recording of the webcast to listen […]

The Suite for Microsoft System Center – Service Manager

risual’s Partner Provance have introduced The Suite for Microsoft System Center – Service Manager. A collection of highly acclaimed, built enhancements for Service Manager together in a single, inexpensive suite. All the capabilities you need. One license. One low price. Please click here for more information.  

Building on SharePoint: SharePoint cloudy service

Considering a new SharePoint 2013 deployment, or thinking about migrating an existing environment to the cloud? Join us in the fourth of our four part webcast series on Wednesday 28th May 2014. In this webcast risual will outline the key considerations, benefits and potential compromises associated with a SharePoint Online deployment, helping you understand whether a […]

Building on Azure: A platform for apps and data

The Building on Azure: Apps and data webcast took place on Wednesday 21st May. This time around we looked at how you can use Windows Azure’s apps and data. We also looked at the key technologies and business issues to help you achieve great flexibility and scale from Azure’s capabilities providing you with an optimised […]

Getting the most from Systems Center Stack

Over the last decade major service providers have been building large data centres, available on the internet, to providing organisations with new opportunities to consume purchase compute power or platforms like SQL or ISS from services like Azure or fully managed services like Office365. To make these services attractive to their customers, large service providers […]

Microsoft Business Transformation through Lync event

  What is Lync? Microsoft Lync is a leading Unified Communications platform that boasts a wide range of capabilities to enable your business to reach its potential through high calibre employee recruitment and retention, infrastructure cost savings and mobile productivity. Don’t just take our word for it, check out some of the fantastic success stories […]

Building on SharePoint: What happened in Vegas webcast

risual attended the SharePoint Conference 2014 held in Las Vegas in March. If you are currently using SharePoint and want to know what new and improved features were announced at the SharePoint Conference then you can listen to the webcast by emailing and requesting a copy of the recording.  

Building on SharePoint: SharePoint all up

The Building on SharePoint: SharePoint all up webcast took place on Friday 11th April. The webcast outlined the core concepts and capabilities of SharePoint 2013, helping you understand how the latest release of this powerful and versatile application can benefit your organisation. Please email for the webcast recording.

Workforce empowerment utilising Office 365

    The Workforce empowerment utilising Office 365 webcast took place on Wednesday 16th April, the webcast outlined the core components of Office 365 as well as some of the lesser known features that are available to give a complete overview on how Office 365 can improve flexibility and enhance your business. Please email for […]

Building on Azure: Storage

  The Building on Azure: Storage webcast took place on Tuesday 14th January. It was the first part of our webcast series, to find out how you can capitalise on the benefits of Microsoft’s Azure cloud and specifically how cloud based storage can help reduce storage costs, improve data management and deliver business benefit. To request the webcast recording […]

People-Centric IT Workshop

COME AND JOIN RISUAL AT OUR PEOPLE CENTRIC IT WORKSHOP WHAT IS A PEOPLE-CENTRIC IT WORKSHOP? The Microsoft People-Centric IT Workshops are ½ day and delivered jointly with our one of our strategic partners at regional locations across the UK. Don’t lose sleep. People-centric IT (PCIT) empowers each person you support to work virtually anywhere […]

Microsoft in Local Government

Join risual & Microsoft at this customer focused, executive briefing to hear about what Microsoft are doing in Local Government and discuss what’s new within the Microsoft stack. With Windows XP SP3 and Office 2003 Support ending on April 8, 2014, we will be discussing the desktop deployment options and also be illustrating the strategy […]

EHI Live

Upcoming Exhibition: EHI Live, the NEC, Birmingham Are you going to EHI Live on 5-6th November at the NEC, Birmingham? Come and join risual in the Microsoft Village at our Reimagining Healthcare Showcase. We aim to offer food for thought as you plan how to embrace and take advantage of today’s huge pace of change. […]

Join risual and Ridgian at our Connected Legal event

  Managing information in an environment whereby the accuracy and timely delivery of information is mission critical, is a challenging prospect. As the industry evolves, subsequent demands within the legal sector are pushing firms to become increasingly competitive, flexible and agile. Firms need to draw upon business insights to ensure that they can meet strategic […]

Who is supporting your critical servers when you’re away?

  It’s that time of year again… with summer in full swing who is looking after your critical servers whilst your key members of staff are away enjoying their holidays? Summer can be a worrying time for IT problems to be resolved. Let risual Support Services take a load of your mind whilst you relax in the sun.. risual […]

VDI for Healthcare using Windows Server 2012

In this webcast hosted by risual and Microsoft we will introduce the options available to NHS/Healthcare organisations in creating a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) using ‘Out of the box’ Microsoft Windows Server 2012 technology. To discuss the current challenges that the NHS is facing such as identity and access to the desktop using NHS smartcards, the architecture options available and discuss the required […]

risual and Clarity Connect webcast

  If you’re considering or have already chosen Lync as your enterprise voice platform, you’ll want to make the most of your investment. Extending Lync to other business units such as the contact center is an easy way to add functionality to your existing Lync environment. We’ll evaluate common pitfalls associated with legacy systems and […]

The new JANET and Microsoft Alliance

Microsoft and JANET announced a strategic Alliance Agreement which will involve a direct connection of the JANET network to Microsoft Datacentres, and the Microsoft Azure cloud service portfolio. This agreement offers a cost effective solution for research storage and of course backup requests from schools and faculties. One barrier holding back Cloud adoption for research […]

A Strategic Approach to Telehealth

Last month we saw how a range of new technologies, often familiar consumer tools like Skype, are driving interest in telehealth. However, said Andy Dunbar of Microsoft specialist healthcare Partner, Risual, the live deployments were mainly fragmented; developed piecemeal, and often by interested clinicians or ICT decision makers without well-developed adoption & deployment strategies to […]

Would you consider Skyping your Doctor?

Skype is being used everyday all around the world for friends and family to stay in touch with one another, but would you consider booking a Skype appointment to speak to your doctor. It has already become a hit in the private sector but will we soon be using it in our local NHS practises? […]

End User Computing Event

*Calling the Public Sector* Come along to our event to find out how End User Computing can have a real impact for your public sector company. See how Windows and Office can deliver incredible end user experiences and increase your organisations productivity, whilst exceeding Public Sector expectations for cost and interoperability. Please register here to discover more about End […]

Innovating communications to Transform your business – What’s new in Lync 2013

Come along to risuals event “Innovating Communications to Transform your Business – What is new in Lync 2013” on Monday 3rd June 2013 at Cardinal Place, London. Lync 2013 delivers a unified communications solution, and gives users a consistent experience for presence, IM, Voice and across all PCs, Macs, Phones and browsers. To find out […]

risual’s Inspiring Potential with Windows Azure event

  Our event Inspiring Potential with Windows Azure is being held on Tuesday 7th May 2013, which is being hosted at the newly build St Georges Football Ground. It will give you an in depth insight into Windows Azure -The History and evolution of Azure, Customer Ready Strategies, Customer Success Stories and more, all confirming what Azure can do for your business. While learning […]

Risual as an approved subcontractor for Microsoft Consulting Services

Smart Teaming Risual are one of 21 partners within the Microsoft Consulting Services Smart Teaming Agreement. Established in January 2011 the Smart Teaming agreement has been setup to enable efficient, predictable, and transparent partner sub-contracting relationships by standardizing the engagement process, sharing skills / capability, demand data, and driving consistent value for Microsoft and its […]

risual newsletter–progress issue5

  Wow! What a year! As 2011 draws to a close Richard, John and Alun are reflecting on the exciting developments that risual has faced both as an organisation and with our customers. Over the last twelve months risual has helped customers: develop their Windows 7 deployments through jumpstarts and Proof of Concepts simplify the […]

risual progress Newsletter

Season’s Greetings What a fantastic time of the Year, we even have snow to make it feel even more Christmassy. It’s been a while since you last heard from us and a lot has changed at risual in the last six months which we thought you would all like to hear about. So we’ve created […]

How many meetings does it take to write a perfect proposal?

It’s a common sight: staff crowded round a laptop, cradling their coffees, or wasting valuable time sending countless e-mails to each other to get a group project finished. But in an economic environment where you need to maximise your resources, it’s time to discover a better way of working. There is a far better way […]

Thinking about Virtualization, free April 12th?

Microsoft are hosting a Virtualization Summit 2010 – From the Desktop to the Datacenter on Monday 12 April 2010 at Shepherds Bush Vue Cinema in London. Looking at virtualization but unsure about your options? Thinking about Windows 7 migration? Interested in VDI and server virtualization? Want to save on costs but wondering about ROI? Have […]

How many hours stuck in traffic does it take to keep a client happy?

Can you and your staff only access your e-mail, desk phone and calendars when in the office? Are your staff wasting time sitting in traffic just to meet with potential customers? We’re facing one of the most challenging business environments in 60 years. But there is a better way to work that allows you to […]

risual bulletin October 09

editorial welcome to our first issue! Hello and welcome to the first issue of our monthly newsletter from the support services team at risual. Each month we will be sharing our progress as we improve the services we offer to our clients.  We will keep you updated on technology developments, and share our experi­ence of […]

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